Shenyang Head Science and Technology Corporation Limited
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Shenyang Head Science and Technology Corporation Limited
Custom manufacturer
Main categories: Water Jet Cutting Machine
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HEAD have been manufacturing high-quality waterjet cutting machines since the beginning of the 90s industry. Every perfect cut is my commitment to you. We always pay attention to your cutting experience. I am from HEAD, the first platform of Chinese customized waterjet cutting solutions

After 12 years of sedimentation development, HEAD has become a national new high-tech enterprise in the research and development, production, sales and technical services of CNC ?ultra-high pressure water jet technology application products. HEAD is committed to becoming a world-class CNC waterjet manufacturer and service provider, guided by industry development and customer needs, combined with the characteristics of various cutting materials and application environmental


Can you imagine

that a bathroom glass door can be cut in ONLY 45 seconds?


  • HEAD fully automatic glass cutting solution designed specifically for bathroom glass door cutting


  • HEAD has focused on providing customers with cutting solutions for 12 years, cutting any material and shape.


  • HEAD waterjet-make cutting no longer a problem!


Infinitely Expandable&Customizable 





With our unique system of interchangeable components, you can always equip your waterjet machine with the latest innovations at a fraction of the cost. Infinitely expandable and modular, you can constantly breathe new life into your waterjet.